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MEF Links, News and Events

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 2016 Annual Report cover
Click here to view the 2015-16 Annual Report

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YOSEMITE INSTITUTE 2013 Painting and Message

Have a listen to MEF's new Theme Song, created for MEF by local group Juice Box Heroes!






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                                    President’s Message

                                 2015-2016 Annual Report

In 1981, the Moraga Education Foundation was established in response to political and economic conditions affecting public education funding in California. 35 years later, MEF’s purpose remains largely the same, to raise funds to bridge the gap between state education funding and the real cost of educating our children.

As we celebrate the establishment of MEF, I continually find myself in awe and appreciation for the Founding Board Members’ vision and commitment to quality education. As the MEF President, I am motivated by their example and hope to honor and perpetuate their legacy. As a parent of four public school students, who are the direct beneficiaries of that legacy, I am indebted to them and feel inspired to support outstanding educational opportunities for future generations of students.

The 2015-2016 campaign enabled MEF to fund grants to the Moraga School District and Campolindo High School, as well as allocate funds to the Endowment. With this support totaling more than $2 million to our public schools, we honor that legacy.

In this year of celebration, we are asking every member of our community, from parents to grandparents, community members to business and civic organizations, to help us inspire the future. Please join me in supporting quality educational opportunities for all students by donating to the 2016-2017 annual campaign.

Together we can honor the past and inspire the future.

In Appreciation,

Heather Davis
MEF President

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