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Thank you for supporting every Moraga student, every day, with your generous pledge to MEF. By pledging, you are making a commitment to excellent educational opportunities for all students, with the ability to fulfill your pledge at a later date. Please complete the form below. All payments are due by May 15th of the current school year.

The recommended donations for families with students TK- 12th grades, are:

  • $1,300 per TK-8th grade

  • $1,100 per Campolindo student

  • Please consider joining Honor Roll with a donation of $4,000 or more

Recognition Levels

Silver                 $2,600

Bronze               $1,300 

Partner              $600

Contributor       Up to $599

Foundation Champion    $20,000+

Diamond                         $10,000

Platinum                          $6,000 

Gold                                $4,000

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