Public schools in Moraga would be dramatically different without your support. MEF funds many critical staff and programs that contribute to a well rounded student education and experience.  

Thanks to the generous donations from parents, community members, and business & civic sponsors to the 2018- 2019 Annual Giving Campaign, public schools in Moraga will receive grants totaling $2,425,000 to fund a wide variety of staff and programs benefiting all students. 


Moraga Elementary Schools

2019–2020 MEF Grant: $990,000

At Camino Pablo, Donald Rheem, and Los Perales Elementary Schools, your donations fund: 

  • Art Teachers

  • Counselor and Student Support

  • Implementation of Next Generation Science Standards

  • Librarians

  • Math Acceleration/Intervention Program NEW

  • Music and Band Teachers

  • PE Teachers

  • Reading Tutors

  • Science Aides

  • Student Wellness Staff Development NEW

  • Teacher Aides

  • Technology Instructors and Upgrades

Joaquin MORAGA Intermediate SCHOOL

2019–2020 MEF GRANT: $635,000

At Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, your donations fund:

  • 12 Class Sections of Electives

  • Counseling and Student Support Services

  • Librarian

  • Math Acceleration/Intervention Program NEW

  • Music, Choir, and Band Teacher

  • STEAM Electives’ Equipment and Materials

  • Student Wellness Staff Development NEW

  • Technology and Upgrades

  • Writing Aides

Campolindo High School

2019–2020 MEF GRANT: $800,000

At Campolindo High School, your donations fund:  

16 Class Sections in All Academic Departments

Teachers, Counselors, Librarian

Department Grants

  • Technology and Software

  • Science and Engineering Equipment

  • Literature

  • Art Supplies

  • Video and Photography Equipment

  • Music

Student Support

  • College and Career Center

  • Wellness Center

  • Academic Counseling Services

Professional Development for Staff in All Departments

Moraga’s elementary and middle school music program prepared me with a solid foundation for my high school years. Playing my instrument everyday in school has taught me discipline and increased my ability and appreciation for working with others. I am so thankful for my 4th-8th grade music experience!
— Emily, Campolindo High School Student